“Crossing the Rubicon” – Houston, we have lift off!

You might be as unfamiliar with the little idiom of “crossing the rubicon” as I was before I started all of this. So just to clear up any confusion it means to pass a point of no return and I like to think that this little adventure into cyber world is just that. So welcome to Gran Prix Someday: The Adventures of a Teenage Dressage Rider!

This is going to be a blog full of my adventures: my ramblings, my successes, and probably more than a few failures, all packaged in a form that (hopefully) I can keep myself accountable too – Yes Mom, you finally have convinced me that it is high time someone starts recording this crazy journey into the depths of the horse world and more specifically dressage. 2010 is going to be a big year full of change and new challenges in uncharted waters – being a high school senior competing full-time, getting through a real P.E. class in one piece, trying to convince my seven-year old steed to behave, figuring out college, and quite possibly making it on to the USDF National show scene!

I cannot promise all that I post will be positive, in fact I am sure that all of it won’t be. But I am for learning, for hearing opinions outside my box, for asking and answering questions, and just talking about all things horse-y! I encourage you to post feedback, thoughts, or anything at all – please feel free to contact and bug me as well (you know us horse girls are what they like to call ‘obsessed’). This blog is not anywhere near completed yet – there are still pages to be filled with everything from a show schedule to everything you never needed to know about Val – so please bear with me while I assemble this thing in hunks. And please remember that this is an experiment, and I make no claims to know how or if this might even turn out! [: It’s as much as a surprise for you all as it is for me!

Until Next Time!

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