“Because they were dirty”

Well, I think the rain is officially here to stay. I can now say that I have never loathed the weather as much as I do now – or been as jealous of those with covered or indoor arenas. This past weekend was a bust on riding, our arenas have been closed because they are so sloppy. We all would probably ruin them as soon as we started riding, not something that we want done in any case.

A common problem with horse people is that they think their job ends at riding. Wrong – a day in the life of any equestrian is far more complicated than that. So this weekend was all about renewing both my USDF and my USEF registrations, signing up for our first show, and fighting with the FEI website to just let me have the paperwork I need. Have you ever noticed it is almost impossible to navigate any equestrian site with ease and speediness? I have. It also means starting my declaration of intent for FEI Juniors – a process that is still not complete.

Just because I couldn’t ride didn’t mean that a trip to the barn was not in order. There was tack to be cleaned, at the very least. I scrubbed down my saddle, both my bridles, and my show-boots-turned-everyday-riding-attire. After that it was wrapping my standing wraps back up and organizing my tack locker. I am a full boarder at the barn where Val lives, which means I don’t have to do my stall everyday anymore. When I had both horses however, I did two stalls everyday and that was before I was allowed to ride. Needless to say, I am one of those thankful barn people. And so after I was done with everything, including throwing the Prince his alfalfa, I grabbed a wheel barrow and started cleaning stalls in the barn. It wasn’t until after I was finished and getting ready to leave that I stopped to talk to one of the many of our wonderful barn girls. Her mother had been playfully giving her a hard time for sitting their texting while she sprayed down the perpetually muddy washracks. I looked at her and jokingly asked, “I just cleaned three stalls; what did you do in that time?” Her mother answered quickly for her, “She’s been sitting here texting.” I laughed, and so did the girl. “Do you know why I cleaned three stalls?” Silence and an odd look – “No?”  “Because they were dirty.”

We all talked for a little more and said good-bye for the day. But it got me thinking – what if I applied this great insight a little more into my life, and not just horses but everything. What could I get accomplished? And so my goal is to try to remember that urge to go above and beyond because what can’t I accomplish if I put my mind to it?

On a riding note: I got to get on today (yay!) although I was (finally!) smart and decided to lunge Val before. Two days off + not coming in for lunch today because he would rather play with his new-old pasture buddy = not a productive combination. Some days I hate to be right – this was one of them. On the flip side – I lunged him BEFORE things went bad, so maybe I am learning? :D


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5 responses to ““Because they were dirty”

  1. Lynn Coleman

    I was talking with Candy yesterday about the importance of school which is important to be sure but when I thought about all the people I know who are successful in life the one common trait is work ethic. You have to have that to be successful at anything in life no matter how smart or talented you are :)

  2. i feel your pain with the weather its been raining for two days straight here, so there goes any use of the outdoor arena for another month.

  3. I like your blog! This was funny! I read once that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. I think this is mostly true. You will probably be just fine in life :)

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