Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I had to go and open my mouth about the weather…

The driveway out to the barn

I should have learned by now that when I get more than two riding days in consecutively that the weather gods are going to come back to smite me if I so much as think about the weather! We, in fact, still have snow on the ground two days later. I rushed out on Friday to ride knowing that the flurries were going to get worse because our school actually let us out early – something that never happens! By the time I finally got out there, fed him lunch, and tacked up to ride the arena looked like this.

Winter Wonderland

If someone ever told you that riding in snow is fun, they are lying! Val was really good and put up with the pelting snow with only a few head tossing moments. His canter work was exceptional – the half passes and flying changes were spot on. The trot work not so much. Besides not letting me ride him shoulder-fore the beast decided it would be more fun to run away with me and flip his head every time I tried to regulate through the outside rein. We went back to walk-halt transitions, graduated to walk-trot transitions, and finally ended in some posting trot shoulder-fore and light half pass. He was as good as he could have been though, all things considering.

The pictures actually don’t do justice to the amount of snow we really got, but I went out as quickly as I could before it got any worse.

Yesterday my mother and I made the trip to Dover to exchange my top hat and send it back for one that actually fits correctly. Lo and Behold! Dover actually had a few top hats in stock because of other people exchanging them and so we found one that fit there and got to take it home that day. We also ordered my bits for my double bridle, so the Boss can get his back before the end of this season. I also got a cheap pair of boots for him since I am addicted to buying him anything for his legs.

I know I promised a lesson report but in short it was a great time on Wednesday! It was flipping cold and I had to trailer by myself since my mother was out-of-town. I only ran one red light so it was a good haul. The Boss was a few minutes late so I got a freshly drug ring to ride in – thanks Sally! We rode outside with Val feeling super up though he settled quickly and put the energy to good use. Got some amazing collected trot out of the boy, adjustable and high through the neck and poll. Managed to ride some good half passes on him, although we are still losing rhythm and a driving feeling through them especially in the trot. The Boss recommends posting them – and it has really worked so far! Also worked on some shoulder in down the center line and voltes. The canter was fantastic and we worked on the half pass mostly. We had to work through the impulsion problem but after one flailing half pass where I kept driving and pushing for correct suddenly the stars aligned. I was blessed to be able to ride the best canter half pass I have ever ridden on him after which we did the change on the other rail and the Boss exclaimed, “Now that is a half pass!” A short lesson because of the cold, but still worth it to drive over there before he went to Palm Beach this weekend.

I just have one question after all of this, “Is Spring here yet?!”

*And I have updated my Show Season Calender finally :] *


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2 responses to “Open Mouth, Insert Foot

  1. Nice blog! I look forward to following you guys this show season and MAYBE I’ll meet you in person when you’re in Lexington showing. I’ll have my camera in hand :)

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