T-Minus Five

Last week was a bust on the riding front. I was fortunate enough to ride on Monday and Tuesday and then the rain started in for a week-long downpour. Thankfully, I had prom and other things to distract me so I wasn’t bored all week. Saturday I finally got out to see the big man who proceeded to tear around the arena when I let him out for a little romp. He took a part of my shoulder with him, I am pretty sure. Sunday, admit the drizzle, I finally got to go out for a ride. He was like an ADD child in the cross ties, even taking a bite out of my mother. I lunged him before I hopped on him – after a week in a stall with no turn out and high quality, performance feed made to make him up on the best of days I wasn’t going to take a chance. He was wonderful though; a strange and happy coincidence since he seems to never be good when my mother is about.

Today’s ride was good as well and we are five days out from the first test of the season. Pretty nervous since we haven’t been able to run through the tests since our dressage arena has morphed into a swamp – but such is life! I am both anxiously awaiting Friday, and dreading it!

On a side note a dear friend had to put down her beautiful horse today, a young guy whose life and career never really got started. My heart goes out to her and her family whose loss I cannot even fathom. Dear Benny, your life and exuberance will not be forgotten. You held on for so long and always made us smile. Run free friend, and may you always graze in sweet, green pastures!

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  1. Paigley

    tell your friend that sometimes God takes animals away early because you have learned what you needed to in order to take on another, but the ones that left are the ones that leave the biggest marks on your heart, because they did teach you so much.

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