Spring Break baby and after the first day I am already sporting a nice sunburn! It is going to be a hot spring and an even hotter summer!

Friday was our dressage lesson with Jason. We have reached a wall with the walk pirouette’s and so it was time to try to knock it down. This is the first time he had ridden in the double bridle since the Aiken show and he jumped right to work. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the Boss asked us to do the pirouettes right off the bat and the problem was extremely apparent. He ended up hoping on him and tackled the problem. Diagnosis: behind the leg, not quick enough in the hind leg, and not accepting of the contact. Welcome back to the Warzone – this is not a new issue, this has been what we have been fighting all along. Last year’s spring break was Val’s first “bootcamp” with Jason which we made a major breakthrough in the acceptance War, but it was only one of the many battles to be fought. He went back last June for a huge fight, and two weeks later we had punched a big hole through the problem and knocked it down for a while. I am pretty sure this is not a battle anymore, that this here is the last stand to win this War. He has got to accept the bridle and allow me to ride him into the contact at all times – Valpants you have to submit and let the aids through. I really believe that once we win the War that most of his problems will go away and the walk pirouettes will come through as well as the half-pass quality.

After this tough lesson we talked about the possibility of me coming over for another one since I am on Spring Break this week. I am so blessed to have such an awesome coach however who piped up with the offer of “bootcamp” in exchange for me working my butt off this week. Sold to the lady with the chestnut brat! We will go over to Applewood Monday and probably return back home Thursday, only to load up Friday and head off to Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern (hereby referred to as GADS). I am so excited about this training opportunity and plan to take every moment of it in! I cannot thank Jason enough!

Another great opportunity has fallen into my lap as well! We have a good family friend who owns a very nice Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred gelding who has just turned 9. Their daughter is not riding at the moment and the horse has been out of consistent work for about six months now. My second mother decided that it was time to put the big guy back to work and offered me the ride! He is a really good guy (I will get some pictures soon!) who has already made progress on our second ride! I will give you a real update on him later but I am very excited to have another ride to work with and possibly show!

A busy week with a show looming but I am anything but nervous! Bring it on – let’s go to a show!

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  1. Good Luck!! Can I just say that I’m SUPER JEALOUS of your life!! You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to high school, but I wish I wouldn’t have given up on riding! Thanks for your comment!!

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