Dressage: an Exercise in Delayed Gratification

Thanks to Dressage Daily for highlighting this awesome video!

Food for thought: Look at how the sport of dressage has progressed even in the last thirty year! Look at the length of their boots, the saddles, the saddle pads. I think it is remarkable how much has changed, in my opinion, for the better. Also look at the quality of the horses, their physical attributes and gaits. There is none of the flash and pizzaz you see in todays National/International level Gran Prix horses. I think if anything this video highlights how much the quality of the everyday average horse has increased as well!


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2 responses to “Dressage: an Exercise in Delayed Gratification

  1. ldbgcoleman

    Don’t you think quality of work is quality of work and good riding is good riding no matter how extravagant a horses gaits are? Bigger is not always better :)

    • I for sure think that! I think that this should be inspiring for the person without the flashiest horse that today’s modern dressage budget or breeding can offer. I am a firm believer that dressage is for everyone, no matter the horse, and riding an “old world”-type horse I can appreciate the longer backed, thicker horses from the past since I have one. I also think that people should ride appropriate horses for what they are doing – bigger isn’t better when a rider cannot handle that much horse underneath them. I think it is remarkable how far the sport has come and to think how far we will continue to go! We are no longer trailing the Europeans but have a thriving dressage community here which is amazing!

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