Everything Turned Around

This week is crazy hectic but I just had to give you all a little update since I cannot just leave you hanging like that. After the horrible week two weeks ago I didn’t know what to do with myself but this is why I have such an amazing trainer! Not last weekend but the weekend before we went over for a lesson and Val went on to prove how much of a liar I am – basically he didn’t pull half of what he was doing. Needless to say we did encounter part of the problem and solved it and it put us back on the right track again. The following week was full of fantastic rides, this past weekend was no exception! The weather has FINALLY found spring (not summer or winter!) and Poplar Place is this weekend.

Great news: My Dad swung it so that I could stay over in Alpharetta for Mon-Weds to get three more training days with Jason. We are at a Hunter/Jumper barn right down the road from Applewood, close enough that I tack up and ride over for my lessons. Val has been incredible! Monday was one of the best rides I have ever had on him, despite the rainy weather banishing us to the small covered up top. Today was amazing as well! We ran through our freestyle sans music and tomorrow I plan to ride through it with the beats off my Ipod if that is what it takes! I am just madly in love with my animal – I cannot tell you how ready I feel for this show. I think that this is the first time I am chomping at the bit for a show to just get here! Expression and accuracy is the name of the game this week and I believe it is going to turn out really well.

Best news: The Boss will be at the show! AH! Friday, Saturday, Sunday! I am not sure if this makes me more nervous or confidant – at this point I think it is the later. I just want to make him proud and make Val proud.

2 Days and Counting until our final qualifier of the season!

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  1. Stephanie, could you please contact me in regards to the Christoph Hess clinic I am hosting, I think you would be a good fit for it.



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