Blue is My Favorite Color

Poplar Place went amazingly this weekend! I don’t have time for a proper post tonight as I have my last final tomorrow and I am coming down with something not-so-pleasent. Val was such a trooper though and worked through the heat like a champion. Friday was a bit of a tough schooling ride, and by tough I mean we cleared out warm up with our circus tricks. Saturday was the Team Test in which I got sent to the ring twice before I could actually ride – that was fun! Sunday we rode our Freestyle and then the Individual Test. I will edit this with all of the gory details but I just had to brag on my big seven-year old tonight and give you all pictures to look at. Enjoy these and tomorrow this will be a heck of a lot longer!

And in case you didn’t notice, a few more goals were crossed off this weekend too! ;D

Half Pass Team Test - Saturday

Extended Trot Individual - Sunday

Shoulder-In Individual - Sunday

Half Pass Individual - Sunday

And my favorite picture of the weekend, and the new side image in full living color:

Again, I cannot express how proud of him I am first off. And secondly I just want to recognize my wonderful support system which includes my mother, the Boss, my father and step-mother, and all of my great NAJYRC/Jr friends without whom showing wouldn’t be nearly as fun, possible, or rewarding. Great job to everyone who went out, put themselves out there, and took a chance this weekend!

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