Jump Start to Summer

My last post was forever ago but that is a good thing in all honesty. Val got his much-needed week of rest; literally the poor guy was abandoned by his bad mom! Last week we crawled back into work with lots of stretching and suppling and hacking out. The week reprieve was needed since we have been going non-stop since this blog started – Christmas – but it was hard coming back from it. Both of our muscles were definitely protesting from the lack of movement the week prior. Still by Friday I had a nice going horse who was finally starting to come back in front of the leg. It’s tough when he gets a respite because when I put him back to the work it takes a few rides of really chasing him around and arguing about being in front of me for him to allow me to use my leg in a more constructive manner for things other than “Get your butt moving!”. Our week was mostly spent on a twenty-meter circle, with some variation to a twenty-meter figure eight. Very exciting stuff, I assure you.

Tomorrow however is the first of June which means the real work has come back to knock on our door. Val moves into the new barn tomorrow and Stephanie gets sold into slavery. We are going to be right down the road from the barn where we train at which means access to training and the ability to ride every day. Jason is going to work our tails off this summer, and even if Val is not ready for it I am! I am very excited to be able to really hone in and focus on training for the next two months on our countdown to both Lexington and Gladstone – I am looking forward to what we can accomplish when the goal can finally be training without compromise for showing. They are two things that do not always coexist on the same path.

The real reason for this post is to thank Brad Thatcher of Applewood Farm for his sponsorship of me this summer. The horse world is not a place where a rider can exist without the backing and support of those who believe in them and want them to realize and accomplish those big dreams. Applewood Farm is a wonderful training facility with an unmatchable learning environment. The support of not only the owners but the hard-working, caring staff and the plethora of fantastic instructors means so much to me. It is an inspiring place to be able to experience every day and I am so thankful for it!

Please take a moment to visit their site!

Updates will be frequent in coming as we dive into our training although this is week is going to be slow seeing as I turn 18 on Wednesday! :D Thanks so all of you readers out there – even if you don’t comment your support is overwhelming and means a lot!

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  1. Paigley

    Happy birthday Stef!!!
    Your gonna be an adult!!

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