June Poplar Place Dressage Show

Well it looks as if my schedule was very much predetermined from the beginning. Something told me that I was going to be at the June Poplar Place Dressage Show, I just didn’t know in what capacity.

The Region 3 Junior Team has been on the hunt gathering some super great stuff these past couple of weeks and now it is all time for it to come to fruition. We will have a table set up selling homemade goodies (cookies, brownies, muffins, and even a strawberry/blueberry parfait!), a bunch of smaller and bigger items to raffle off, and the really good donations on Silent Auction. One of our silent auction pieces is a two-day clinic, with stabling, with Steffen Peters down in Wellington, Fl in the winter/spring season! We also have a beautiful handmade quilt, a nice bridle, free show entries, and more! We are hoping to raise enough that we can really afford to send all of us to the North Am. Junior Championships in Lexington, KY. Dressage just never gets any less expensive.

In other news I am riding my butt off these days and enjoying it immensely. My trainer is the best man I know, in all capacities! Val is chugging along and next week we start back into the test and revamping the dreaded freestyle (I am so over music!). Loving riding Ballina and Amis just enjoys making me feel very humble and teaching me how to really ride, which I can appreciate even if I don’t always like.

In t-shirt news –

Support me and my personal journey - purchasing begins next week!

They have been ordered and printing has started. I will be putting a pay-pal button up right on the homepage if you would like to help support my journey to not only NAJC but Festival of Champions/Nationals (Gladstone) as well!


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3 responses to “June Poplar Place Dressage Show

  1. you need to talk to Frank and CeCe Maddalone of Equichord. They really renewed me on the freestyle and made things a lot better for me. But I feel you on the PITA that it can be.

    Lemme know if you need that number.

    Can’t wait to catch up!

  2. Your fund raising is very impressive. Wish I oculd afford the Stephan Peters clinic in Florida!
    I was watching the young riders at the show I’m attending in Blainville Quebec and thinking how expensive it must be for them. Now I see how it’s done! Great experience for many things in life.

  3. Paigley

    steff i love the t-shirt!! whats on the back??

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