NAJYRC Day One/Two

Pumping Gas at Midnight

Well it is FINALLY here! We left at midnight on Sunday night since we had about a six-hour pull to Lexington, KY from where we are. The trip was super uneventful except for a minor blip with the truck running lights not working. I got to drive the 4AM-5:30AM shift through the mountains and the fog. It was an experience I will tell you that much. We ended up pulling another horse with Val though and both of them were super quiet for the whole trip up so I cannot complain! Val was screaming and ready to go when we pulled up at eleven anyways. 

Stabling for Region 3


When we pulled in no one was around – I mean who really wants to be up at 6AM anyways? We got him off loaded and settled in like a champ. He is just an awesome guy who really could care less about all the hubbub of travelling and showing. We got the stall banners set up, the hay placed on the pallets in front and our banners posted up as well. 

Looking down the barn on our side


After we got him all settled in and happy we went out to grab a quick bite to eat and then headed to the hotel to do an early check-in and catch some ZZZ’s. Somehow the 6 hour drive took a lot out of both mom and me and the nap was much appreciated. After our little nap we went back to the barn to have a quick team meeting and then I hopped on Val and schooled him in one of the upper arenas that was designated for us to use on Monday. He was tired and up at the same time, a combination which doesn’t really lend itself to a great ride. Still he was moving well and settled in extraordinarily well – sometimes Mom forgets he is only seven after all! 

Val hanging out - happy as a clam :D


Day two dawned, well let’s just say not quite as expected! 

Rainy mornings in Lexington!

A huge thunderstorm was waiting for us when we woke up at 7AM this morning! As we were walking to the elevator the power even flickered out – we took the stairs. Thankfully the rain stopped pretty quickly – it lasted just long enough to get all the golf carts soaked, of course! Our schooling time was at 11AM today but first we had our morning vet inspection. What that involves is the head of the vet committee coming around and checking over the horses health and seeing if it matches the passport, and that all is correct. Val and I had no problems and were the first from the Region to get looked over. 

Schooling in the BIG RING! Thanks Mrs. Deimler for the wonderful photo!

We schooled today at 11AM where we will be riding tomorrow. It is a pretty long walk down the stadium arena but the walk itself is really pretty and nice. If you have ever been to Rolex (I have two & three years ago respectively!) then you know where the stadium is! Well the Kentucky Horse Park has definitely undergone some serious construction – I did not even recognize the ring! It is beautiful and open, and you can now see the lake and the “head of the lake” from inside the stadium. I can tell that WEG is going to be super and it makes me wish that I was going to be able to go! 

Our ride was better today but I was still pretty nervous. I don’t know why but these last couple of weeks have really gotten to me stress wise. I just need to sit down, relax, and ride my beautiful horse! We can do well if I just remember to enjoy him and show him off. He was only a little spooky in warm-up today but how can you blame him when we had cars zooming by up the road today. There is a crazy amount of activity here this week; not only is NAJYRC going on but a huge hunter/jumper show as well! At our riders meeting tonight they said there was something like 2,000 horses stabled on the park this week! Wow! 

After the schooling ride Rebecca Cohen, my mother, and I popped back to the hotel for a quick bite at Subway and a shower before my first ever jog. I was not sure what to expect but was ready to go. Our jog was scheduled to be at 4PM this afternoon but we had some serious weather come in and they pushed the jog forwards so that when we were ready to go we could go. 

Look at that sky!

Clare, Rebecca, and I all hurried to get ready quickly, and were joined by our Region 3 Young Rider Erica so make our way over to the jog to try to beat the weather out. We rocked pretty hard though since we got all the way through it and back to the stables before the rain opened up! Great timing. Val was such a gentleman at the jog. He was so quiet and easy to lead in hand, although I really didn’t have any doubts that he would be. He is never hard to handle on the ground! 

All smiles as it is announced that Wahlen passes the jog!

I ride first for the Region 3 Junior team tomorrow although I am, thankfully, not the first ride of the day! My ride time is 8:49AM tomorrow morning! Wish us luck and I will keep you all updated tomorrow. I am starting to have a good feeling, now let’s hope we don’t jinx it!


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4 responses to “NAJYRC Day One/Two

  1. Maddy Southers

    Stephanie, all of this sounds like so much fun! (Minus the little sleep part). I hope you and Val are having a wonderful time! I wish you tons of luck and I know you’re going to do great!
    Tons of love from Georgia!

  2. Ldbgcoleman

    Its not about luck it’s all hard work preparedness a great horse talent and dedication you have all those things and more :)

  3. good luck, good luck, good luck……looking forward to Gladstone!

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