Boys look so much hotter in the summer time

Better late than never! College has taken over my life – but in an amazing way! I present you with pictures instead of a real post because, well, I am lazy! And everyone really just wants to look at pretty pictures anyways – I won’t deny you all!

Junior Team Test

Half-pass - Team Test

Huge flying change!

Fourth place Team Test

The first day was really a super day! There was about a point separating the top 4 horse and rider combination’s. Val went into the arena and acted like a big fool; he bucked almost taking out the gate girls, and then proceeded to tune me out being above the vertical and not connected. Wanna see for yourself? Click here!

Warm-up in the indoor USET training arena

I love this picture :D

Our warm up was FANTASTIC. There are other blurry pictures but I am in love with the way I look – tall, elegant, and classically correct. Somehow my horse manages to disappear from riding at 100% between the warm-up and the competition ring and so we still only got our ride at about 65-70%. This is a definite training goal I have in mind for the next season, but I was still very proud of both of our debut at the National Championships! I would not have wanted to be there on anyone but him. :D Want to watch? Click here! Or you can also go to and click on August 14th and watch me ride to commentary by I Judge Louis Yukins!

Junior Individual Test

The three stooges ft. the Boss

Fourth place Individual and Fourth Overall!


We had such an amazing time! I cannot wait to do the Festival of Champions for many years to come. I am so blessed to have met so many amazing and talented girls who are all as focused and determined as I am. I feel like I am a part of a big family that will be close even though we may not be physically! Best of all I brought home a happy, healthy, and sound horse who is still enthusiastic about working (even if he wasn’t sure he really wanted to work on the same level that I did today, for his first day back after Championships!). My heart goes out to Chris Hickey whose loss is felt throughout the hearts of dressage enthusiasts everywhere. Thank you to everyone who made this year possible – without you I could never even begin to realize such an expensive and expansive dream! Your support means everything! Now, let’s get back to work ;D

Val and I love you all!


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3 responses to “Boys look so much hotter in the summer time

  1. leslie

    Thanks for sharing….I NEVER got Gladstone, which I couldn’t believe…

    Cabana Boy used show in the breed with Callista….we always cleaned up in the Get of Sire classes….I’m so devastated for Chris and all of the Hilltop team….

    College!!!!!! Whoo~Hoo!

  2. Leslie

    I love sharin’ the love…right back at yours and you!

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