Aye Broked teh Blog!1!

So uh, someone coughmecough got a little overzealous tonight upon looking at her blog and decided that it needed a face lift after being such a trooper all season. That would be when I decided to just go ahead and click on a new theme, in turn destroying all of my quotes, images, and my 2010 goals from New Years!! If you happen to creep on me just that much and remember the few that I could not, PLEASE let me know! I am quite devastated about it honestly.

We are now firmly settled into college and I can tell you that college is the bomb.com! I absolutely adore the University of Georgia and everyone I have met so far. It is a lot different, especially coming off of such an amazing high this summer in both training, showing, and just being immersed into the horse-culture everyday but I love it none the less. I am terribly missing my Applewood-ians and riding on my own has not nearly been as easy to go back to as it once was. If the Boss happens to stumble upon this: I MISS YOU AND MY DAILY BEATINGS!

Our fate coming off such a great summer is inevitably to struggle with coming back down to reality. After staying so long in double bridle-land one of my main training objectives for this fall was to get us back schooling in the snaffle with the ease we were before the full bridle was ever put on. I also wanted to work towards being able to do every bit of the Prix St. George work in the single so that when we are ready to take the leap back into showing everything will be a lot more honest and frankly, just plain easier! (Shhh… you didn’t hear it from me, but my secret goal is to show the PSG in a snaffle!) Val hadn’t been ridden consistently in the snaffle since the first few months of the year and the transition back into it hasn’t been fun everyday. Still, he has made it with a lot more ease than I anticipated! The first day back was a rough one:  picture Stephanie in the middle of an indoor arena on Val looking carelessly down at the reins and her legs as they refuse to cooperate, panic reading on her face as, “How do I ride again?!” Since then I have remembered how to train and work on my own, a good thing since the trailer is still in too many pieces. I am also a sucker for pain and making my life harder because the spurs that were buried into my trunk in Kentucky in exchange for a bigger, boss-owned pair have not made a reappearance yet! The connection in the snaffle improves each and every ride to be consistent and light in the hands with an acceptance over and through the back. True stretching has started to make a reappearance in the work as well; after four years I can finally ride a nice stretching circle at the trot and canter on the buckle – Training level we are coming for you! We have pulled clean four’s and three’s in the last couple of rides and although they aren’t show worthy quite yet because of inconsistency in the connection due to a bit of panicking, the count was right on the first try for both sets of tempis. We are also starting back into the work for the pirouette canter which is just going to take building blocks everyday to get. However, I would love to hear exercises that any of you use to A) help strengthen in preparation and B) ride the pirouettes themselves! Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

And finally, just thank you to all of you who have continued to share in my journey with me this year! I am so blessed to have encountered so many new friends in the horse world as a product of the hard work that this blog keeps me accountable to. Even if you have never left a comment and we really don’t know each other from Adam thanks just taking the time out of your day to sit here and read my ramblings, thoughts, and more often than not confusion! Thank you so much for sharing in my story and believing in me – you inspire me to believe in myself. Because Calvin Coolidge just seems to inspire me here is a little food for thought for all of you, myself included: “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” Here’s a toast to a spectacular 2010 Show season – I couldn’t have done it without the support of each and every one of you – even you unnamed blog-stalkers! And now onward and upward, and as always – BACK TO WORK!

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  1. Paigley

    Hey Steff!! haha yeah we finally trailered somewhere!! XD indie was a butt but meh….can’t win them all!!
    i know i miss those
    haha i need to get on that blog better XP oops…

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