I’m Awake, I’m Alive

I am so so sorry that I have been remiss in updating this blog. The internet at the house is really awful  although I am awaiting an internet card which should be here within a few days! I am working on the fix so I can actually have a connection so that I can update for you all.

Since I have been here I have seen more snow than I know what to do with. We have gotten quite a few days of pretty awful weather, but we have also gotten our fair share of nice days too! We have actually been able to ride out on the track a handful (five-ish?) times since I moved in and let me tell you I cannot wait for spring to get here so I can really ride on it and open him up a bit. I know that he will love the opportunity, and it is so big enough for a nice gallop! Anxiously waiting the day – trust me, you will all know when it happens. And maybe Richard, the Hassler photo guru as well as many other awesome things, might even be out there so I will have photo proof!

from our first snow storm!

Oh goodness but this place is stunning! It is such a work of art; I constantly have to step back and really look at the beautiful opportunity I have been given to be able to work in what is undoubtedly the most amazing facility I have ever been in.

Overlooking the indoor arena
Our real snowpocalypse!
Ice Ice Baby!

Since I have been here I have also been super sick with what was either a terrible case of food poisoning or the 24-hour flu. Either way it knocked me on my ass and seriously was bad news bears for the riding for a bit. We are lucky enough to have four horses in training from another dressage trainer in the area who is on medical rest herself. Because I am the smallest I got the FEI pony. He has been shown Fourth level and is schooling the Prix St. George. He has been super fun ever since though and we are really getting to know each other and work together well. I will try to get some pictures of the cuteness because he is precious!

I am already up later than I should be because I have to get up at 5AM tomorrow for our Bo Jena long-lining clinic which I will give you all a full report about. I have lesson notes from my time riding Val with Scott but I am way to exhausted to type them up. I promise them super soon just know that I had one of the best rides to date this past Wednesday. I am really excited for Young Riders and getting back out into the show scene. This next week we are having a Goals meeting with Scott and Susanne to plan out some things which will be when I have my show schedule hammered out and it will be posted. Must send in that Declaration before the first of March as well! For now I leave you with me and my pony cuddling; I promise to update again ASAP!


This is the second cuddle in the past couple of days! :D



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5 responses to “I’m Awake, I’m Alive

  1. Double L

    I miss you so much! But I’m so proud of you!!! I know how happy you are getting your opportunity hopefully one day I can come up there and see the place, and of course your gorgeous face and pony. I love you and call me soon. You’re finally making it <3

  2. Ms lynn

    Thanks for the update Stephanie. Cant wait to see you ride :) so happy you are well and learning tons. Isnt it always a pony? You are inspiring me. Love you and Val warm hugs for you both

  3. WOW that place looks amazing, you definitely are so lucky to work there!!!
    Haha isn’t it such a shock when you fall off, I too fell off on Friday night for the first time in about two years and got concussion! It is usually quite funny though :)

  4. You must be pinching yourself at the Hasslers — what an honor! And a lot of work I’m sure. Were you in the clinic? I vaguely remember a chestnut with a perfectly symmetrical blaze, where would I have seen you and your horse. Were you getting ready to ride as the clinic ended?

    We had a blast that day. It’s generous of the Hasslers to share that facility so freely.

    • It is just the most fantastic opportunity – there are really days I cannot even believe I am lucky enough to be in such a place of learning! I did not get to be in this clinic, my guy just was not the right fit. I was getting ready to hop on just as the day ended though so you probably got a glimpse of him in the wash stalls at the very end of the day as you walked on out! That would be my guy.

      I hope that you are able to come audit some of the rest of the seasons events! I am so looking forward to the Klimke and Zang clinics, and of course Debbie and Steffen who are coming this fall!

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