Coming home

 This is truly a welcome home and back for me. I let this blog go for quite a bit as I was doing some transitioning in my life and trying to find exactly where I belong. Consider this an update and the first of many because I am back. Nothing quite like going back to the place where it all began!

Because this was truly where it all sort of began for me. This blog was started on my road to hopefully riding at the FEI level and on the National Stage. It was started on a whim, with a pipe dream as the ending goal. And I credit this blog to much of my success in accomplishing those once lofty and unreachable goals of that year and many I hadn’t even begun to dream when I started this journey. And now I am here – in a completely different space with different hopes and dreams that are no less important to me. If the magic worked for us once let’s see if it will again. Plus, there is no better way to be accountable and have the ability to reflect and grow like writing it all down as you go.

So with that I bid you all welcome to 2013 and the rebirth of my blog and leave you with my Note from the Universe, a wonderful service that inspires me each and every week day. I think it is more than appropriate, a little touching, and motivating as well! I have never been one to shy away from that illusive big fish, and I am going after it hard once more.


 I promise to have a real riding update about the Redhead and myself very soon, along with goals and a show schedule. I will even bribe you with pictures as well!


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  1. DressageMomma

    Welcome back to the Redhead and His Girl! Make all your dreams come true!

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