Support and Sponsorship:

In the sport of Equestrian, particularly in Dressage, competing at the highest level is not possible without tremendous support. The expenses to house and train a high level athlete are enough by themselves, but as you start looking to qualify and compete at the national and international level the monetary commitments only grow further. If you are interested in sponsoring Stephanie Bedford please email her grandprixsomeday@gmail.com or at piaffe@uga.edu!

Current Sponsors:

Aly Rattazzi and Rather by Riding Photography:  most of the beautiful images on the site (including the sidebar image) are copyright to her! Please take a moment to visit her page and enjoy her beautiful photography. She is not only a wonderful and talented artist but one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Sponsors for 2010 NAJYRC and 2010 Festival of Champions:

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who made such an amazing competition year possible! Without each and everyone’s help there would have been no way to push through and complete so many goals and dreams. It makes me so proud to be apart of such a loving and supportive community and I can only hope to continue to represent not only myself but all of you in the future! Thanks for a great year – now it’s time to get back to work ;D   — Stephanie Bedford

Jason Canton Dressage

The Georgia Equestrian Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. David Gower

Mud Creek Ranch

Tag Along Tack

Oculus Partners, LLC

Miracle Music Freestyles – Johnny and Marissa Woodall

Automation Erectors & Consulting LLC

David and Abbey Griffith

The Otten Family

Applewood Farm

Summer 2010 June – August:

Thank you Brad Thatcher of Applewood Farm for his sponsorship of me this summer. The horse world is not a place where a rider can exist without the backing and support of those who believe in them and want them to realize and accomplish those big dreams. Applewood Farm is a wonderful training facility with an unmatchable learning environment. The support of not only the owners but the hard-working, caring staff and the plethora of fantastic instructors means so much to me. It is an inspiring place to be able to experience every day and I am so thankful for it!

Please take a moment and visit their site


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